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ATG Fire Tender helps fight fire in Thalaiyathu

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June 2, 2020 – Gangaikondan, Tirunelveli: Recently, a major fire incident was contained in Sankar Nagar, Thalaiyathu near Tirunelveli by the timely support of ATG Tires. With its latest State-of-the art Fire tender, the ATG Safety team supported the Tirunelveli District Fire & Rescue Service Team in controlling the fire in less than one hour thus averting any danger to the people and property in the locality.

The fire that broke out in an old iron godown in Sankar Nagar had turned into an uncontrollable blaze due to heavy winds. While the deployment of 5 Fire tenders from the Tirunelveli District Fire and Rescue Services Team were on the job in controlling fire, it was then that the Gangaikondan
Police Inspector reached out to ATG Tires for its support to use the State of the Art Fire Tender.

P N Rajendran, the Plant Head of ATG Tires in Gangaikondan said, “The Firefighting tender available with us is a sophisticated machine, which has a High mast light, Quick Water recharge facility with Foam extinguisher (with a pressure delivery of 22 Kg / cm2 ) and other necessary PPE. In fact, we are the only company in South Tamil Nadu to have this machine. Safety of our
factory and the people in our neighboring area is our top most priority, hence the company decided to make such a heavy investment on this machine.”

In a marathon exercise, the ATG team performed firefighting in a systematic way with the Tirunelveli District Fire & Rescue Team. With the quick water recharging feature, ATG’s fire tender was recharged 4 times quickly and continued firefighting for up to 3 hours until the fire was completely put out. Through systematic precision, the ATG Team worked with the Tirunelveli
District Fire & Rescue officials in averting a serious crisis, without creating commotion and panic!

ATG Tires follows the corporate philosophy of balancing business operations with the needs of the local community. Besides employing 3000 people from the local and nearby villages and towns, the company is involved in several projects such as contributing to the needy through
medical camps, sewing machine training, renovation of buildings / bus shelters, Rain Water Harvesting projects and school adoption projects. ATG Tires has also contributed to the Green Belt in Tirunelveli through educating and training the public and company employees in the renowned JAPANESE method of planation “MIYAWAKI METHOD OF TREE PLANTATION” and
by planting more than 19000 trees in the last 2 years through their Forever Forest Programs.


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